How to get by tram

There are two ways of approaching The Wilson Park and The Palm House by tram. The first way – no 5, 8, 14 or 18 tram along Głogowska Street. The tram stop is right across The Wilson Park main gate. The advantage of this solution is that on the way to the main entrance you may enjoy the delightful park alleys. The second way – no 6, 13 or 15 along Grunwaldzka Street and a stroll along Matejki Street.



How to get by bus

You can also approach The Palm House by bus. You take no 238, 252 if along Głogowska Street , no 64 if along Matejki Street or 251 if along Grunwaldzka Street.

Show route

By using (= how to get to) service you may check your MPK itinerary to The Wilson Park and The Palm House from the given point. Enter the starting point into 'Z'(= from) box, 'Park Wilsona' or 'Palmiarnia' into 'DO' (= to) box, then click 'Szukaj' (= Find).


parkingiWhere you can park your car

It is essential to find a parking place when you go by car. You may find a big guarded parking place at Matejki Street at the level of The Palm House buildings (next to Biedronka store). Another one (also guarded) is across The Park at Parkowa Street.  You may also find scattered single parking sites along Berwinskiego and Matejki Streets.